Heating Systems Project Management

AS Lafipa employs knowledgeable and experienced heating system engineers and project managers who have been responsible for the renovation of several district heating systems in Latvia.

AS Lafipa specializes in heating system construction and renovation. Our wide range of expertise allows us to offer: project design and development, supplying of equipment, construction or renovation of gas, oil or woodchip boilers and substations or water supply systems.

Heating System Project Director MG. SC. ING. Guntars Morozs

In recent years Latvia has begun to renovate its heating systems. For the past 5 years AS Lafipa has been participating in energy efficiency projects by providing engineering solutions for the renovation while achieving maximal comfort indoors.

Construction Project Director MG. SC. ING. Ilmar Birken

Civil Engineering Projects

Every heating, cooling or gas supply system project is safe, reliable and sustainable and precisely planned and economically calculated while also carried out not only in accordance with existing Latvian regulations but also looking toward the future of energy efficient methods and designs.

AS Lafipa employs designers who have developed many successful projects and are responsible for historical and socially significant sites.

Designer MG. SC. ING. Marina Murdasova