Sustainable Heating

Lafipa AS was founded on the 18th of August in 1992. It was founded by the Finnish company Finreila OY and the Finnish/Swedish company Cetetherm OY/AB

AS Lafipa has a professional workforce who has worked in the Latvian heating equipment market for 23 years. Thanks to the combined experience and skills of those employees AS Lafipa has become a safe and reliable choice for its customers. AS Lafipa has the ability to customize every aspect of management and equipment supply for any project’s requirements.

AS Lafipa was established with energy efficiency and long-term sustainability in mind. AS Lafipa’s core value is sustainable heating solutions.

AS Lafipa’s Mission: “Sustainable Heating”

AS Lafipa’s Goal: “Reach the Top 10 in our business field.”

AS Lafipa’s Vision: “To become a market leader in innovative heating solutions.”