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LogoActive Plus

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The LogoAktiv units are efficient, compact, ready-to-fit, wall-mounted and decentralised interface stations with hot water preparation electronically controlled precisely to the degree to meet the latest hygienic standards, and heating of the living space. Modern components such as high-efficiency pumps and processor-based system controllers are used to increase efficiency. In addition to the hydraulic benefits, many other advantages can be found with the introduction of a primary supply pump in each LogoAktiv. For example, the supply pump and control valves can be saved for hydraulic balancing in the respective line, provided that no other consumers depend on this line for supply. Thanks to an integrated system controller with numerous communications options, LogoAktiv can be combined with conventional home management systems and may be controlled with various mobile devices depending on the respective systems (with applications of other hardware components and communications modules).
The regulation and control technology of LogoAktiv is resistant to hard domestic water as there are no sensitive mechanical components exposed to the cold water.

Optimum heating of individual rooms in accordance with specific selections in the timer program.
Includes a reference room controller.
Weather-controlled regulation of flow line temperature (optional outside temperature sensor required).
Meticulous recording of the energy consumption by optionally integrable heat flow meter.
Rapid changeover to hot water preparation when draw-off begins.
Hot water temperature can be set precisely, to the degree, irrespective of draw-off volume.
Hygienically safe hot water preparation in continuous flow mode.
May be combined with regenerative energy systems.
Also available with integrated screed floor heating function, depending on respective product.

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