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JSC "Lafipa" service department provides 24/7 continuous monitoring during the warranty and post-warranty period. To ensure uninterrupted operation of the heating system and to quickly troubleshoot engineering problems, the necessary equipment is always available in the JSC "Lafipa" warehouse. By combining the high professionalism of our staff with the availability of equipment and spare parts, we provide our customers with a reliable and efficient service.

To make the customer's heating system sustainable and resilient, JSC "Lafipa" offers the following services:

  1. Maintenance, inspection, repairs, preparation for the heating season and handover to the heating supplier of individual heating units and boiler houses. These services are available to all heat consumers;
  2. Installation, adjustment, remote control and data reading of automation and control regulators for efficient control of the heating system;
  3. Chemical flushing of the heat exchanger to ensure maximum heat transfer;
  4. Heating and ventilation system de-aeration with Flamco Vacumat Eco equipment at a competitive price, offering modern solutions to improve energy efficiency;
  5. Programming and verification of the heat meter to provide accurate data for heat metering;
  6. Installation, replacement and maintenance of equipment available in the product section of the JSC "Lafipa" website, giving customers the choice and confidence in our high quality solutions.

JSC "Lafipa" has experience in providing high quality services, combining the capabilities of precisely selected equipment with the professionalism of service staff.

The aim of JSC "Lafipa" is to provide efficient, sustainable and cost-effective heat management solutions to its customers.