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Logomatic KS

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The LogoMatic KS 600 and 600+ complete stations are compact, ready-to-fit, surface-mounted and decentralised interface stations in which the hot water preparation and heating of the living space are electronically controlled, including housing and ball valve connector set to facilitate simple selection, quick delivery and uncomplicated handling.
The LogoMatic KS 600 is available with static heating circuit and the LogoMatic KS 600+ with direct mixing circuit (MC) and 6 underfloor manifolds, or with a direct mixing circuit and 8 underfloor manifolds and a second static heating circuit.
The LogoMatic KS 600+ always includes the integrated weather-controlled heating circuit controller and the screed floor heating function to ensure that the demands for maximum comfort are met.
LogoMatic KS complete station offered as surface-mounted (AP) or flush-mounted (UP) versions, and with copper-brazed (CU) or stainless steel-brazed (ES) heat exchangers.
The regulation and control technology of LogoMatic is resistant to hard domestic water as there are no sensitive mechanical components exposed to the cold water, as well as featuring an integrated weather-controlled heating circuit controller and screed floor heating function.

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