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The DAB S4 are a 4 inch multi-impeller borehole pumps for clean water, designed for water boosting, gardening and irrigation, lifting water from boreholes in domestic and residential, civil and commercial applications and irrigation systems also for agriculture. The S4 pumps must be installed in wells with a diameter of at least 4", or in tanks or cisterns and it increases the pressure of water that can then be used for example to water medium or large gardens or (in the case of models with a greater flow and head) in irrigation systems in agriculture. These are sand-resistant pumps with a high performance. The entire range complies with the standard MEI ≥ 0.4. All the model has the ACS certificate. WRAS and DM174 certificate are pending approval.

Available as standard:
- Only pump body
- Pump body with oil-filled motor
- Pump body with water-filled motor
- Kit with pump body and motor, power supply cable, cord and control box.
Power cable and cord of 15 meters: S4 1/13, S4 2/7 S4 2/10, S4 3/6, S4 3/9, S4 4/4, S4 4/7, S4 4/9, S4 6/5, S4 6/7, S4 8/5, S4 6/10, S4 8/7, S4 8/9, S4 12/6, S4 12/9, S4 12/13, S4 16/8, S4 16/12
Power cable and cord of 30 meters: S4 1/19, S4 1/26, S4 2/14, S4 3/13, S4 4/14, S4 6/14, S4 6/21, S4 8/15
Power cable and cord of 40 meters: S4 1/37, S4 1/48, S4 2/20, S4 2/28, S4 2/40, S4 3/19, S4 3/25, S4 3/32, S4 3/39, S4 4/19, S4 4/27

Technical specification

ProducerDAB Pumps
Phase 1
Power (kW) 1.5
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